Young woman needs a new heart. Wait? Six years at least

Laura is 33 years old and terminally ill, your heart will soon fail. Her husband Tobias is told in a Facebook Post, the story of his wife. Laura worked as a social worker, loved sports activities and travel. Their health held them for granted. But then everything changed in one night 2018: Laura came into the emergency room. The Doctors diagnosed an incurable heart disease. They had no explanation for the sudden failure of her heart. Her condition worsened. She has only one chance of Survival: a new heart. For half a year, she is already on the transplant list. Your heart will no longer beat long, the Doctors give her a year and a half or, at the latest, then you need the new heart. However, the waiting time is longer. Six years at least.

Hello together,today I want to tell you my story, because it deals with a topic that concerns us all,…

"The Spende"

The last gift of a man who had no Chance — a Stranger but a gives

Germany is the laggard in European comparison

According to information from the German press Agency, the number of organ donors has fallen in the last year in Germany of 955 932. Even with the donated organs, the German Foundation for organ transplantation, reported a decrease of 3113 in the year 2018 on 2995 in 2019. The Federal centre for health education recorded about 9500 people that are currently on the waiting list for a donor organ in Germany. Most of them are waiting for a new kidney. Germany is 11.5 organ donation per Million inhabitants in an international comparison, the conclusion of the light. 2017 46,9 organ donors and organ donor came about in Spain to a Million inhabitants.

The behavior of the German is now set to change thanks to a new scheme. The Bundestag will debate on Thursday a draft law of the Minister of health, Jens Spahn on the reform of organ donation in Germany and vote.

The vote in the Bundestag

Automatically dispenser or on demand? What could change in organ donation

The Bundestag votes on Thursday on Spahns request

Spahn makes for a “double contradiction solution” is strong. Currently, potential organ donors and organ donor must agree to be active after your death and organs donated can be withdrawn from. The “double contradiction solution” would reverse this principle. Every German would, therefore, automatically an organ donor and would have to actively talk against it to resist. This decision would be stored in a new Register. Doctors informed prior to a possible transplant on the decision. If nothing is saved and there is no written no, is the next of kin to ask – not according to his own opinion, but then, if he something about a no or a other will of the deceased white.

Tobias commented on Facebook about why he wrote the Post. “Unfortunately, there are still many members of Parliament, are against the idea of opposition control.” He wants to show that there are people who welcome the Board of control and the issue of organ donation were open to the. “Finally, I’m my wife and the many thousands of people struggling to Survive, to make guilty, on the topic of attention,” he writes.

Sources: Facebook Post, the Federal centre for health education

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