New Study Reveals That Couples Who Do This Together Have Better Sex Lives

Looking to find ways to bring that spark back in your relationship?

The answer might be easier than you think, with a survey of 1100 people in the US revealing that couples who travelled together, albeit for anything from a weekend getaway to 6-month long sojourn, experienced an increase in their time between the sheets together.

 More than three-quarters – 77% – of those who travelled as a couple reported that they had a good sex life as a result, and 28% of the couples said their sex life has actually improved after travelling with each other.

 “When you’re away all of a sudden the e-mails don’t happen, neighbours don’t knock on the door, and the dog doesn’t have to be walked, and you get to spend more time together,” Roger Dow, president of the U.S. Travel Association (which conducted to survey), told USA Today.

 The best news? It’s not a short-term fix either.

40% said the improvement was permanent after returning home.

But it’s more than just the change of scenery that spurs on this increase in intimacy, with couples saying that learning how to travel successfully as a pair together forced them to find a deeper connection and thus with that came a new form of closeness.

So there you have it lovebirds, ditch the flowers for Fiji!

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