E-cigarettes-crisis in the US: 18 Dead and more than a thousand injured

The number of deaths in connection with the use of E-cigarettes in the United States increased to 18. The dead had been reported from 15 U.S. States, informed the US health authority CDC on Thursday. They were, on average, been 50 years old, the youngest 27, the oldest 71. In addition, the number of confirmed and probable injured had increased to 1080. In the last week, the authority had confirmed 12 dead and 805 and probable injured spoken.

The Figures were “deeply worrying,” said CDC Director, Robert Redfield. “Unfortunately, this could be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the escalating health, which is this outbreak for the American society, especially for teenagers and young adults.”

Cause of lung damage is unclear

The cause of the lung damage is according to the CDC, is still unclear. All Patients had to have E-cigarettes used. Recently, there had been indications that THC products could also play a role. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is in Cannabis, and is mainly used for the intoxicating effect of the drug responsible. Since the investigations are still recommended by the CDC to not use E-cigarettes or Vaping products, in particular those of THC included. Adults who use E-cigarettes to stop Smoking, however, should not start again with the Smoking of conventional cigarettes, the CDC is.

In Germany and also in Europe a similar increase of lung damage is not yet known. The complaints seem to be limited to users in the United States. In Germany, the compositions of the active ingredients of E are regulated-cigarettes more strictly than in the United States.

The German cancer research center (DKFZ) warns for quite some time that E-cigarettes are not “harmless Lifestyle products”. “Non-Smoking should not use E-cigarettes because of the unknown long-term impact on health.” The DKFZ has a rating of, among other things, respirable particles and inhaled basic substances as possible health hazards.

The Aerosol from E-cigarettes contained in the shelf, although significantly less pollutant quantities than tobacco smoke, according to a Fact-Sheet of the DKFZ. However, the pollutants can vary, depending on which device or Liquid will be used. The Aerosol could contain, for example, carcinogenic formaldehyde, irritating Acrolein, or metals such as Nickel, lead and chromium.

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