This Video of Ashley Graham Getting an Acupuncture Facial Is the Best Thing You’ll See Today

Ashley Graham never fails to win our hearts with her unapologetic social media presence. But her latest post doesn’t just make us love her, it also gives us a close-up look at her elaborate skincare routine. We’ll warn you: It’s not for the faint of heart. 

On Thursday, the model took to Instagram to show off her latest beauty treatment, sharing a video to her feed of herself lying on a bed, receiving facial acupuncture. According to Allure, the 31-year-old visited Sandra Lanshin Chiu salon in Brooklyn, New York, where she documented her graphic facial treatment on camera.

Graham received a facial acupuncture rejuvenation treatment, which she refers to as “a little well-aging” in her video. Toward the end of her clip, she wiggles the needles and says that you’re apparently supposed to move the needles around, and the result is hilarious. 

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According to the spa’s website, the procedure uses needles to release tension, which shows up in facial tissue. The treatment supposedly relaxes “strained tissues to create a smoother, uplifted and sculpted appearance of your skin and facial features.”

While Graham’s treatment was focused on its skincare benefits, acupuncture can be used for stress relief and to help reduce anxiety. Elizabeth Trattner, a board-certified doctor of Chinese and integrative medicine who practices in Miami Beach, Florida, previously told Health that “sometimes the energy is blocked, deficient, excessive, or unbalanced. Acupuncture restores homeostasis and encourages healing.”

This isn’t the first time that Graham has been candid about her experimental wellness routine. Earlier this month, she posted a handful of videos of herself trying aerial yoga, including a few hilarious clips of herself singing while attempting to master different poses. 

BRB, booking my own acupuncture facial and aerial yoga session.

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