During a stroke, every second counts

“Every second between a stroke and Initial treatment costs of the Affected an estimated 30,000 cells in the brain and nerves,” says the neurologist, Andreas Straube, head of the Neurological clinic at Klinikum Großhadern in Munich. After the incident, speed is of the essence therefore. If Present and Concerned to act properly, you can decide how much someone has later struggling with the consequences of stroke to.

According to a study by the Max-Planck-society, the symptoms of stroke in the population are more or less well known, but there is a lack of practical knowledge. Only a third of all Germans would call an ambulance. “The Problem here may be that strokes more frequently occur at night,” says Straube. “The Affected persons do not notice that something is wrong, place but back to bed to continue sleeping.”

The German stroke Foundation took the knowledge gap for stroke is the occasion to make an App for Smartphones and Tablet computers (with operating systems iOS and Android) develop. The application should support the Affected in case of an emergency, a quick interpretation of the symptoms and especially the Shy, to call for an ambulance. You can be free of charge from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download.

15 percent of stroke patients younger than 45

With the help of the so-called FAST Tests, the App offers the possibility to recognize a stroke. The word ALMOST (English for “quick”) stands for Face (face), Arms (arms), Speech (language) and Time (time). The emergency number 112 can be directly from the program chosen. In addition, the application provides information around the topic of stroke, and check lists, for example on the topics of hospital stay, rehabilitation clinics, drive a car, travel, and utilities.

About 15 percent of all stroke patients in Germany are younger than 45 years – about 25,000 people. However, this age group has little to do with the topic. Ex-Pro-Boxer Axel Schulz, who suffered at the age of 37 of a stroke. Without a clue, that young people can get a stroke, he settled for the house doctor to. Then he went to a clinic. A waste of time, he says today, though, he was lucky. As a special Ambassador of the German stroke help, he wants to prevent others Concerned, to make the same mistake of promoting it, the free App download.

Luck also had Steffi Haas (Name changed – ed.), as she suffered at the age of 27 in a Berlin swimming pool a stroke. A more attentive doctor with his young son happen to also be in the pool and immediately realized the seriousness of the Situation. The right Arm of the graphic designer was initially paralyzed. Thanks to the quick actions of the medical first aider and the rehab, all the complaints were to a large extent. Cause for the stroke of a previously undetected genetic Defect of the blood clotting, the young woman now compensates by taking a drug was.

Signs to recognize and act

About 10 to 20 percent of all fatal strokes would be avoided, as they announce it weeks or days in advance by a passing circulatory disturbance of the brain. Doctors refer to this event as a transient ischaemic attack (TIA). The Affected individuals develop for a few minutes to an hour, the same symptoms that occur with a “big stroke”. This acute loss of speech, weakness in arms and legs, paralysis or temporary half-sided vision disturbances include.

Who has such a “small stroke”, you should immediately consult with a doctor or even a Stroke Unit, one on the early care of stroke specialized hospital Department. “The older the person is and the more risk factors such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, atrial fibrillation and heart valve defects are present, the greater the likelihood that soon, a great stroke,” says Straube.

Even after a first heart attack, you have to be according to Straube particularly vigilant, because any small blood clots may be flushed from the heart to the brain. “A heart attack is always a sign of a vascular disease, which can also affect the brain,” says the Munich-based physicians.