Just How Many Calories Are In Semen?

Let’s be honest we have all had some strange thoughts about semen but have you ever been curious about the nutritional value of those little swimmers? Well we decided to do our research and find out just how many calories those little swimmers are – and if they even good for you!

“To swallow or not to swallow” or just semen in general is not really a topic you chat about around the dinner table or one anyone really wants to talk about full stop – we are getting squirmy just thinking about it.

We decided to do all the embarrassing research and it turns out one ejaculation contains less than one calorie! That is less than a piece of chewing gum or a can of diet coke! So it doesn’t look like you should be adding it to your daily food intake anytime soon. And besides semen is often the result of a lot of calorie burning action.

Not only semen low in calories but it also has lots of Vitamin C and 3% of your recommended daily intake of you zinc.

Another thing we found in our research was that pineapple actually hasn’t been proven to make sperm taste better!

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