It was in these pills? 35-Year-old dies at Techno Party

The “dance of the family” in bingen Techno-Club “Palazzo” should meet “the hallowed halls once again with life, joy, and Bass,” says the announcement. Instead, the event had to be cancelled after a man died and several people hospitalized had been.

A 35-year-old party guest was collapsing around three o’clock on Sunday morning, reported to the police in a press release. Rescue forces had him in the Veranstaltunsgräumen still be resuscitated, but died, nevertheless, a short time later in hospital. The Dead will come from the state of Hesse.

Police are investigating Ecstasy use

Also, two other people should have complained, according to the police report Nausea and hospitalized in the hospital have been treated. A report of the portal “boost your city” according to, even six people to be hospitalized was to have suffered heart-rhythm disturbances. In addition, a pregnant woman among them. The police wanted to question the star, but did not confirm.

The report contradicts the statement of the police to the dead, and declared that he was already dead, on the roof terrace of the club, and then by means of a rotary head have been recovered.

The police are currently considering whether the symptoms associated with the consumption of drugs and especially Ecstasy tablets. “Boost your city”, according to witnesses should have observed, as the Affected “green, triangular pills”, purchased and then consumed. The police can then charge the appropriate tablets at the Celebration, and hardware. It warns other potential buyers about to consume the pills.

Dear guests, unfortunately it came at the event “Palazzo summer festival” at the 14.09.2019 to serious medical…

On his Facebook page, the Club confirmed the termination of the summer festival promoted Party “because of medical incidents”. The operator does not have to ask to speculate before the completion of the investigation of the incidents. In the comments a lot of sympathy for the victims – but also numerous criticisms of the use of drugs. Also that the organizers instead of drugs to call just a “medical incidents”, is criticized.

Sources: Police Bingen, Boost Your City, Facebook

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