Chronic head and back pain often occur together

If you are suffering from pain, stubborn back, twice as likely to as other people do chronic headaches, and Vice versa. A new study by the University of Warwick shows. The scientists suspect that at least a part of both types of Pain a common treatment might be useful.

An analysis of 14 studies with a total of 460.195 participants showed a connection between persistent pain in the lower back and chronic headache patients with headache or back pain occurred, suffered twice as often as other people under the two types of Pain at the same time. This correlation was more pronounced in migraine patients even more.

About twenty percent of people have persistent pain in the lower back and a good three per cent have chronic headaches. Professor Martin Underwood of Warwick Medical School said: "In most studies, we found that the probability for head or back pain in the presence of one of the two types of Pain was approximately twice as high in both directions. This is very interesting because these disturbances are usually regarded as separate diseases and by different people treated. The results suggest, however, that at least for some people, a common cause of problems." Headaches, for example, are often treated with medication, while therapy for back pain more on movement and manual therapy based.

Underwood proposes to develop for people with both types of Pain appropriate support and counselling programs, and it recommends that a better elucidation of the underlying mechanisms of the relationship between the head and back pain.