Couples Who Have Sex This Many Times A Week Are Happiest

More sex = better. The equation just makes sense. But between work, and, well, everything else, it’s kind of hard to get it on every day—or even every other day.

Now, researchers from the University of Toronto say you shouldn’t stress if you’re not knocking boots constantly. They analysed data from nearly 28,000 people in a series of studies and determined that people who bone once a week are the happiest.

“On average, people who reported having sex once a week or more also reported the greatest well-being,” says lead study author Dr Amy Muise, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Toronto. “For the average person, having sex more frequently than once a week was not associated with greater happiness, but it wasn’t associated with less happiness, either.” 

For the study, published in the journal Society for Personality and Social Psychology, Muise and her team analysed survey responses from 25,000 Americans about how often they had sex and how happy they were (most established couples say they also get it on about once a week, BTW).

Then, in another survey, the researchers asked 335 people in relationships about their income, how often they get busy, and, of course, their happiness. That survey revealed that the happiness gap between those who had sex once a week and those who had sex less than once a month was greater than the happiness gap between people who had sex less than once a month and those who made significantly less money. (Money can’t buy you love, amiright?) 

Finally, researchers analysed survey results collected from more than 2,400 married couples over 14 years. And yup, couples who did it at least once a week were more satisfied with their relationships.

So why is having sex once every seven days associated with so many happy people? Muise says they’re still looking into it, but she guesses that it could be that people feel happy when they think they’re at or above the average sexual frequency, which kind of makes sense. #Winning. It’s also possible that people feel like once a week may be frequent enough for people to feel like they’re maintaining an intimate connection with their partner, she says.

Muise says she hopes this will help people chillax a little when it comes to how often they bang. “It’s important to maintain a sexual connection with a romantic partner, but it’s also important to have realistic expectations for one’s sex life,” she says. In other words, you don’t need to try to keep up with your loud neighbours who seem to be sexing every other day—show-offs.

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