This Woman Is Still Pole Dancing At Nearly 9 Months Pregnant

We’re well versed in the benefits of regular exercise throughout pregnancy and one woman is proving that it doesn’t have to be a typical pilates class that keeps you moving.

Professional pole dancer Allison Sipes is getting plenty of attention for her popular Instagram videos in which she performs incredible routines, complete with burgeoning baby bump.

“Pole dancing was business as usual until about 6 months, then the extra weight gain/weight displacement began to make it challenging strength wise, and with regards to what I was able to do safely with my growing belly,” she told Metro UK.

“I’m still going strong at almost 38 weeks, and plan to continue until labour.”

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She added on Instagram that she’s incredibly grateful that she’s been able to continue doing something she loves while pregnant and hopes to inspire others with her story.

It’s essential you speak to a medical professional before exercising when pregnant as you may need to modify your regular routine. Allison says she got the go-ahead from her doctors before continuing with her practice. 

“They [doctors] think what I do is pretty cool!  They all encouraged me to continue exercise as long as I wanted to. I have fortunately had a very healthy pregnancy with zero complications, so keeping up with what I love to do – pole and aerial – has been a blessing.”

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