Gigi Hadid Started Using This $10 Drugstore Brow Pen and It Made a HUGE Difference

As one of the world's most sought-after supermodels, Gigi Hadid is constantly asked to try new beauty products and experiment with her style. But beauty experimentation can be a catch-22, since she still has to look like the Gigi we all know if she wants to draw eyes on the runway. That's why when she does choose to mix up her beauty look, she does so subtly. According to Erin Parsons, Hadid's makeup artist and Maybelline's global makeup artist, Hadid has recently changed up her brow style in the most subtle, yet gorgeous way.

Hadid switched to a "softer brow look," Parsons told Yahoo! Lifestyle. Look closely at photos from the past few weeks, and you'll notice Hadid has been keeping her brows closer to her blonde hair shade. In the past — like on this Vogue cover, for example — her brows were a few shades darker than her hair. The new brow look is lighter and more natural, perfect for a simpler summer beauty vibe.

Parsons uses a Maybelline brow product, of course, to achieve the full look: the TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen that launched this spring with a multi-pronged tip that's designed to mimic the movements of a microblader. Just as with microblading, the strokes are as thin as an actual brow hair and designed to fill in the brows while still looking natural. As Parsons told Yahoo!, she sometimes gets "carried away," but a light touch on the pen will give the brows a subtle boost.

Hadid trusts Parsons with her beauty look so thoroughly that Hadid's brow motto, as explained to Byrdie, is "I don't touch them." (Same, except minus the famous makeup artist.) Hadid elaborated on her technique: “Sometimes if there are little stragglers and the makeup artist wants to clean them up I’ll let them, but it’s never enough to shape my eyebrows. I just don’t touch them because I’m scared of messing them up."

If you want to try out the TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen to do your best Gigi Hadid impression, it's $10 on Ulta's website and comes in four different colors. For the full Hadid effect, go with a lighter color than you might be used to to soften up your brow game just a bit — you might be surprised by the results.

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