The Strange Alternative To Towel-Drying Your Hair

For those of you who towel-dry your hair before blow-drying without fail, we’ve come across a pretty nifty innovation that could be an excellent alternative: hair-drying gloves.

Yes, hair-drying gloves are now a thing, and it sounds like they’re a pretty clever thing, too.

According to their creator, Upper Canada, the Studio Dry Gloves can dry your hair twice as fast as a regular towel, which subsequently reduces the amount of time you need to spend blow-drying.

The gloves (which look like a cosy pair of winter mittens) have been developed with specially-designed microfibres to quickly dry the hair without removing styling products or creating any frizz.

For those unconvinced with the gloves themselves, Upper Canada also sells a towel that boasts the same microfibre technology, however, the design of the gloves do make it easier to get right down to the roots and absorb excess moisture to make blow-drying a breeze. 

Whilst the gloves do look a tad gimmicky, we’re all for trying out a product that promises to save us some time in the hair department. If you’re looking to give them a go yourselves, they should only set you back around AU$20 and are available online at Urban Outfitters.

This article originally appeared on Beauty Crew

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