These Are The Hottest Sex Positions In Different Countries Around The World

Foreign accents are swoon-worthy, but foreign sex positions? Those are downright hot! We interviewed sexperts from across the globe to get the deets on the most popular positions in their countries, from Down Under to the Great White North.

Prepare for an international tour de fornication—no plane, no passport, all pleasure.

How to do it: Your guy sits in a chair with his legs outstretched. Straddling him, you lower yourself on top with your legs also outstretched in front of you. Hold onto his shoulders for balance and have him hold your waist as you move.

Why it’s hot: “Polish culture is very traditional, but that does not translate to our sex lives,” says Dr Daniel Cysarz, sexologist and psychotherapist in Poland. “We are becoming more open to new experiences and experiments.” The name itself implies the freedom to explore, and the act follows suit. You’re thinking outside the bedroom for this one, and you’re positioned in a way that allows variety. You can switch it up by keeping your legs in the air so your hips can grind on him in a circular or back-and-forth motion. You can also plant your feet on the ground so you can push off for an in-and-out sensation.

How to do it: Have your man lie down on the bed and bring his knees toward his chest. His legs will wrap around you as you squat down on his shaft.

Why it’s hot: “Brazil has a very religious, conservative background, so we grow up learning that sex is wrong,” says Olivia Barbosa, a sex coach in Brazil. “But I see more women finally focusing on their own pleasure and letting go of that taboo.” His positioning doesn’t allow much movement from him, so you have full control of the depth, speed, and direction. You can hold onto his knees as he uses his hands to stimulate your clitoris or roam about your body.

How to do it: Lie down on the bed while your guy lies on top, facing you. Now for the twist: Have him prop himself up on his hands so he’s slightly distanced from you.

Why it’s hot: It’s a favorite in Belgium for its romantic vibe. “The missionary position offers multiple sensations,” says Dr Agnes Jacquerye, clinical sexologist in Brussels. “Being so close to each other, the eye contact and the ability to kiss during sex brings out its passion, tenderness, and sensuality.” He holds himself up for your comfort, says Jacquerye, so you get a little more breathing room‚and a killer view of his muscles.

How to do it: Stand in front of your man so you’re both facing the same direction. Bend over as he enters from behind. For balance, either hold onto something in front of you or have him hold your arms back.

Why it’s hot: Just like regular doggy, it provides the primo angle to hit your G-spot. But this standing version can be done anywhere, an important factor in Canada, where two-thirds of people have fessed up to getting busy in the great outdoors. “Canadians are generally open-minded about sex,” says Jessica O’Reilly, a sexologist in Toronto. “Standing sex is fairly common, since you can do it anywhere, and if you’re outside, this one doesn’t risk getting down with the bugs, dirt, and poison ivy.” Good enough reason for us.

How to do it: Lie face down on the bed so your guy can lie on top of you and enter from behind.

Why it’s hot: Combine the sexy dominance of the doggy position with the closeness and sensuality of spooning and you’ve got this Aussie fave. “There’s a strong, traditional masculinity that exists here, but our society is also adopting increasingly egalitarian attitudes about the sexes,” says Elaine George, M.D., director of Sexology Australia. “The man still has control in this position, but it’s very relaxing and sensual for both partners.”

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