Hygiene expert warns: air assets in the battle to be a decisive risk could be a factor

In the Tönnies meat factory in Gütersloh have more than 1500 employees with the Coronavirus attached. Experts are trying to determine the causes for the outbreak. In the centre, the question is: Why is it always Cutting plants have to fight with Corona-infection cases?

Tönnies in Rheda-Wiedenbrück

Germany’s biggest slaughterhouse has closed. Meat is now more expensive?

It is presumed that the cold ambient temperature in a slaughterhouse plays a role. Also the physically demanding work is a factor – who performed strenuous work, releases higher levels of virus-Laden aerosols. At a press conference, the Bonn-based Hygiene expert Martin Exner led a further, hitherto little-publicized reason: according to His assessment, the air circulation might play a Central role in the spread of the pathogen.

Increased risk of infection by convection?

The Problem with the ventilation not only affects exclusively Tönnies, but the entire meat industry, said Exner yesterday in Gütersloh. The ventilation system was also a factor that was of the science is still not sufficient in the view. In cutting the surroundings, is throttled to the cold operated temperature on Fridge. This is made possible by a system which draws air from the room, cools, and back into the room pumps. The circulating cold air to be used for the protection of the food. Exner suspected, but Perhaps you could expose the employee to an increased risk of infection.

Corona-outbreaks in slaughterhouses

Can I become infected through contaminated meat with the Coronavirus?

The Director of the Institute for Hygiene is stressed at the press conference to a further Corona outbreak in the district of Heinsberg. There a number of Revelers were infected at a carnival session with the pathogen. Exner sees Parallels to the ventilation systems in the food industry: Also at the Celebration, there had been an air circulating System for cooling the room temperature. The System itself does not include any Filter, the pathogens can be retained. “Forced-air, an Aerosol can to keep moving,” says Exner. What is the role viruses play lossy particles in the spread of the pathogen, however, is still unclear. It is presumed that the corona virus is via droplets, which is created when you cough, Sneeze or Talk.

At the same time Exner warned that individual causes to much influence to attribute. There are many possible factors, some of which are still unknown. High-performance filter as operating rooms would be used, as well as UV-light, could contribute according to Exner’s but to a containment of the pathogen.

Intensive Ventilation reduces risk of infection

It is not the first Time that ventilation systems come to the attention of scientists. In one case, in China, experts believe that the ventilation system of a restaurant has helped to spread the Virus in the room. Whether this observation can be extended to other systems, is unclear – there are numerous ventilation models, some with Filter, the other without. Also, the type of ventilation plays a role. The Federal Guild Association of the German refrigeration plant manufacturers craft says to use for the ventilation of outdoor air and recirculated air to be avoided if possible.

“Generally speaking, one can say that intensive Ventilation can reduce the risk of infection in enclosed spaces,” said Virologist Melanie Brinkmann in an interview with the “daily show”. What is the influence of different ventilation systems in factories on the infection have had to be and in connection to controlled studied.

Tönnies is not the only Slaughterhouse that has been struggling with the spread of the Coronavirus have not before known of the cases were in Gütersloh, Germany other holdings due to Coronavirus outbreaks make headlines. Currently, a Wiesenhof has been operating in lower Saxony, cases of Sars-CoV-2 to: at Least 35 people are infected by evidence.

Sources: REUTERS / CDC / daily show

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