PSA: A New Nap Bar Has Opened And We Are So Excited

Siestas are one of the best Spanish traditions, so when we heard about Madrid’s latest nap bar, ‘Siesta & Go’, we were instantly intrigued.

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Nueva hamaca de Evercasa para echarse una cabezada!

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Not only is napping thoroughly enjoyable, but according to their website, regular napping has health benefits as it relieves tension, anxiety and stress.

For a small price, you can just walk in (or pre-book online) and enjoy as much or as little time as you want to recuperate after a meal or just if you’re tired.

Siesta & Go offers private and shared rooms with furniture including beds, armchairs and footrests. They also have Wi-Fi in case you can’t switch off from the world of social media.

They also ironically offer coffee as well as newspapers, nightshirts and slippers.

The employees will wake you up once your time slot is up, so you don’t have to worry about waking up hours and hours later.

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