Half Of Couples Argue About This While On Holidays

Holidays are meant to be about relaxing by the pool with a pina colada in hand, but according to a survey by recruiting firm Korn Ferry, half of us are busy squabbling with our significant others about work.

Yep, half of nearly 1600 respondents said that they have “had a disagreement with [a] spouse about being too connected to work” while on a vacay.

“Technology has made it easy for professionals and executives to sneak in a quick check-in with the office,” said Mark Royal, Senior Principal, Korn Ferry Hay Group.

“How many of us have seen parents standing in an amusement park line reading their email instead of connecting with their kids and spouse? Taking time to make the break from work and enjoy experiences with friends and family makes for professionals who are healthier, happier and more engaged upon their return.”

According to the survey, the reasons professionals check in with the office vary, with “putting out fires and getting pulled into critical issues” the top reason (53 percent), while a quarter of respondents say they work during vacation because they “enjoy the work.”

Hmmm we think those particular respondents will be enjoying the single life soon.

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