FYI: Prime Day Is Actually An Awesome Time To Stock Up On Condoms

Although you have to wait until July 16 for day-of Prime Day deals, here’s one you can stock up on now: From now until July 21st, SKYN condoms are 30 to 50 percent off. That’s a pretty good deal especially considering SKYN isn’t some bottom-of-the-barrel condom, but a very popular one that we’ve written about multiple times before.

SKYN condoms are the non-latex condom that even people without latex allergies prefer. They’re made from polyisoprene, which is a material softer than latex. Polyisoprene still offers protection against pregnancy and STIs, which other non-latex condoms (like lambskin) do not.

You can buy them in any drugstore nationwide, but they’re usually a bit pricier, which is why this flash Prime Day sale is worth taking advantage of.

And, heads up, if you share a Prime account with your family or roommates but still want to be able to take advantage of any sex-related deals, cash in on that 30-day free Prime membership now. You can always cancel later!

1. SKYN Original, pack of 24

Normally $11.29, now $7.90

The SKYN Selection box includes 10 original condoms, six extra-studded condoms, and eight extra-lubed condoms.

3. SKYN Elite Condoms, pack of 36

Normally $28.76, now $17.25

SKYN Elite condoms are extra thin and extra soft for the best feeling possible.

4. SKYN Maximum Performance Personal Lubricant

Normally $11.61, now $5.81

This lubricant is extra long-lasting, fragrance and preservative-free. It’s silicone-based, so it lasts longer than water-based lubes, and also is compatible with condoms.

Plus, if you prefer latex condoms, regular Lifestyles condoms are also part of the sale.

This pack of 40 Ultra Sensitive latex condoms is now $6.57, marked down from their usual price of $9.39.

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