Consulting, formulation, emergency services: the pharmacy helps

The current issue of the New pharmacies is illustrated by the 1. October 2019, which is located in many pharmacies ready. In the title of the contribution you, what pharmacies are doing everything for patients to know: from the emergency services about the control of medicines to the Manufacture of individual recipes.

Not always, the pharmaceutical industry offers the appropriate medicines. Especially children are in need of customized medications, the so-called recipes. The New pharmacies Illustrated has looked an expert on the shoulder, such as the Formulation expires. This and further contributions of the current topics-special "The Apotheke&quot helps; to give an impression of the variety of services the pharmacies in Germany.

Allergies to Pollen or animal hair are well known. However, there are still many other things that can cause an allergic reaction. A couple of not-so-everyday or well-known examples of the skin doctor and allergist Dr. Heiko Grimme in the post, However, you may be allergic to? before.

The price puzzle: The competition of the current edition there are again 500 Euro to win.

Other topics include: fact check flu vaccination lentils as a healthy protein packages of drugs and alcohol

Individual papers in this issue can be found in full length here in the area of the New pharmacies are illustrated. You want to read the entire issue? No Problem: The pharmacy list tells you where you can get close to the New pharmacies are Illustrated.


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