Warren Tricomi Releases Line of Hair Extensions

Warren Tricomi is entering the hair extensions market.
The salon unveils today a line of luxe tape-in hair extensions, Luxe On Demand, that is both weighted and measured to the standards of the American Hair Loss Council. According to the company, the 100 percent cuticle-in-tact, Remy human hair extensions are sustainably sourced and handmade — not mass manufactured. Ranging in price from $200 to $2,400, they will be sold at Warren Tricomi salon locations and, eventually, through select retail partners.
"We’re doing a couple of things to fight hair loss and to give our clients the best luxury that they can possibly have with extensions and hair loss treatments," said master stylist Edward Tricomi. "There’s a laser treatment that we do in the salon that promotes hair growth. The Capillus Cap and the hair loss treatments help support the root of your hair, it stronger and better, and then on top of that, for quick results in this, we came up with the extensions."
Warren Tricomi will eventually expand the extensions line to include clip-ins, ponytails and bangs. Luxe On Demand tape-ins align with the standards set forth by the American Hair Loss Council. They use medical-grade tape set in a polyurethane base, which is "safer to wear" than other kinds of tape, according to Gina Howard,  an expert hair extension resource and supplier.
"It’s a medical-grade adhesive, which — if it should touch the scalp, it shouldn’t, but it if should — won’t cause any irritation or rubbing uncomfortably or cause any redness," Howard said. "A strand of hair can only handle so much weight. So if you put too much weight on a section of hair or a piece of hair, that will cause damage and it can cause hair loss. All of our wefts are handmade, so we know exactly how many pieces of hair to put into one panel that will not be too much weight."
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