5 Tips For Meeting Someone At The Gym

We know that the warmer months are when most people are at the gym, so your chances are better than ever for meeting someone special there.

The easiest way to forge a connection with a potential partner is by identifying mutual interests and using them as icebreakers and topics for discussion, which saves you from any initial first-date awkwardness! Once in a relationship, you can use your shared hobbies as a foundation on which to grow your bond – it’ll also be much easier deciding what activities to do together on the weekend.

As Happn is a dating app that connects singles through geo-location, the app will show users in the timeline when they have been nearby another user, making it easier than ever for singles to meet based on real life encounters, like at the bench press or by the treadmills!

1. Add a ‘gym’ picture

Use an image where you have your training clothes on, that way it will be easier for others to recognise you, both at the gym and in the app.

2. Use your training as a topic

Can’t think of anything to write in chat? Ask questions about training or give a compliment – you could always compare your training and meal plans if you get stuck!

3. Have your dates at the gym

To meet someone in real life that you have connected with through an app can feel like a big step. If you have checked in with each other at the gym, maybe it won’t feel that dramatic to see each other if you meet at the gym where you first crossed paths! Why not try syncing up your ‘leg day’, or heading to the local café after a workout?

4. Get through the noise

Does someone catch your eye at the gym? Try to talk to them first, make a connection. You could ask for help with an exercise, that way chances are higher that you recognise each other in the app. Once you’ve ‘said hi’, break the ice by thanking for their help!

5. Increase your motivation

Use it as a way to motivate you to go to the gym! The more you go, the more like-minded people you will cross paths with. Alternatively, use the ‘See You There’ feature and ask someone to go on a run or walk, taking your relationship from the gym to the outdoors!

And what not to do…

I would say that the same basics rules apply regardless of the context! Be natural, be gentle and moreover, be yourself. When at the gym, people are generally less ‘prepared’ for being approached by a romantic interest, as opposed to when they’re at a party, a dinner or a bar for instance. In many instances, individuals go to the gym to work on themselves, as opposed to working on their relationships with others, which means you should probably be even more subtle in approaching anyone  – keep it light hearted, upbeat and friendly, and definitely don’t criticise their workout methods.

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