Why low-intensity workouts could help you get fitter, faster

We’ve all heard of high-intensity interval training. It’s all the rage at the moment.

Overwhelmingly quick, brutal, punishing classes that have you working explosively and using every muscle group in your body.

While the benefits of HIIT are widely recorded, it’s also good to note that it doesn’t work for everyone. And too much high-intensity exercise can actually put pressure on your joints and leave you at risk of injury.

That’s why it’s a great idea to mix things up and try a low-intensity workout.

Low-intensity, or steady state workouts are perfect for people who are coming back from injury, older people or if you’re looking for an active way to recover on your day off.

Low-intensity workouts aren’t cheating – far from it, they actually have loads of beneficial effects of your fitness, strength and over health.

The benefits of low-intensity exercise

It can be more enjoyable

If the thought of punishing your body with endless burpies makes you feel queasy, low-intensity fitness could be the answer.

One of the biggest motivating factors to get you to exercise consistently is enjoyment – so if you don’t enjoy high intensity workouts, you’re less likely to go back, simple.

It is easier on your joints 

Throwing yourself around the gym might be great for your heart, but it’s no so kind on your knees.

If you suffer with joint problems or recurring injuries, slower, controlled fitness might be the best way to protect yourself.

Improves balance and stability

Taking the speed down a notch means every move you complete needs to be controlled and steady. For that, you need great balance.

Regularly working on your core and slower movements with weights will help you build on your stability.

To prove that low-intensity workouts aren’t just a cop-out for people who don’t want to get sweaty, we asked Jason Bristow, group exercise manager at Virgin Active to tell us more about why it can be brilliant.

Walking on the treadmill – we definitely like the sound of that.

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