The Struggles of Having a Vagina

Having a vagina has its advantages and disadvantages—but sometimes it feels like there are way more of the latter. If you’re a woman, then you’re all-too-familiar with having to decide whether to wax or shave—or how much thigh strength is necessary to hover over a public toilet. And that’s not even the worst of it! Here are some of the struggles all vajayjay owners have to deal with:

Unpredictable Periods
One month it might be easy and light, but the next it’s like a red monsoon. There’s also random spotting—and that doesn’t even get into the painful cramping that coincides with Aunt Flo.

Yeast Infections
Getting a yeast infection is bothersome and embarrassing, but it’s worse if you’re prone to these and other bacterial infections.

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Wondering If It’s “Pretty”
All vaginas look different—but there are now surgical procedures designed to improve the appearance of your lady parts. Trust us: So long as yours is healthy, it looks perfect just the way it is.

The Pubic Hair Dilemma
Are you supposed to have no hair, some hair, or a full bush? What do they want from us?!

Freshness Issues
Who hasn’t discouraged or even turned down oral sex because you forgot to shower before getting frisky? This may just be one of life’s biggest travesties.

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Ingrown Hairs
So. Freaking. Painful.

No one is comfortable with the idea of a human coming out of what is normally a pretty tiny hole.

Cycling Soreness

Sometimes it makes you wonder if indoor cycling classes are even worth it.

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No explanation necessary.

Vaginal Dryness
Why oh why do men think it’s okay to skip foreplay?

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Squatting to Pee

Guys can just unzip and relieve themselves anywhere. Meanwhile, you’re stuck doing a chair pose hovering over the toilet seats in public restrooms.

Camel toe
Woe is the woman who doesn’t do a mirror check on that new pair of super-tight skinny jeans before wearing them out in public.

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