How Kayla Itsines Deals With Her 'Far From Perfect' Skin

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Kayla Itsines has it all: ripped abs, enviable amounts of active wear and seemingly endless workout motivation. But there’s one aspect of her life the OG fitspo reckons is “far from perfect.”

Her skin. 

“I had acne as a teenager and still have it now,” she revealed via an IG story when quizzed by a fan about how she keeps her complexion so clear.

To prove just how severe her breakouts get, she shared a before-and-after snap of her face sans makeup.

“It was so much worse than this and I refused to take any photos of it because it would really upset me,” she said. 

In the second pic, her skin appears drastically clearer – a transformation she credits to changing up her skincare routine.

“It’s a lot of effort but worth it!!” she added.

Although the 27-year-old didn’t disclose the products she’s currently using, in a blog post back in 2015 she admitted “keeping things simple works best” for her. 

“[I] make sure that I keep it consistent so that my skin doesn’t freak out,” she said. “I generally don’t wear foundation unless I really have to and that Is usually for things like photoshoots. I do like to use eyeliner and mascara on a daily basis, so having an eye make up remover is crucial to me. I like using coconut oil on a round cotton pad and gently pressing it on my eye and removing the makeup that way.”

Johnson’s Baby Wipes ($3, Woolworths) also scored a mention: “They are lifesavers because they are really gentle and don’t irritate my skin.”

“I cleanse my face every night before I go to bed and I have been using the Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser ($11, Woolworths) for years now. I switch out what I use to moisturise my face with depending on what I feel like but it is usually coconut oil, rosehip oil or the Olay Complete Defence Daily UV Moisturising Lotion ($15.40, Woolworths.) It contains SPF 30+ and it’s important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis to prevent premature ageing – especially if you are outside a lot like me!”

To finish up, she indulges in a face mask once a week to deep-clean and unclog the pores (Clear Me Skin’s 100 per cent all natural and vegan masks, $24.95, are her fave.)

But as for her number one recommendation? Check what you’re chowing down on.

“There is no point buying skincare products if you aren’t nourishing your skin from the inside first. I recommend to cut out all processed foods and soft drinks and aim to eat fruit and vegetables every single day.” 

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