What Your Go-To Sex Move Says About Your Personality

“You’re such a doggy style!” is probably not something you get very often (or ever), but your personality and your spirit sex position might go hand-in-hand.

Whether you’re all about the connection (read: missionary) or always looking for your next adventure (hats off to you, cowgirls!), read on as we decode what your go-to moves say about you—and offer up alternatives for even spicier sex.


What it means: Ladies who love missionary are looking for intimacy, says Dr Nikki Martinez, psychologist and life coach. “She wants to see and connect with her partner,” she says. While that bond is nice and all, try to avoid just laying there (unless that’s how you roll), says Martinez. “Move around to get the pleasure you want, and ask for what you need,” she says.

You might also like: The om (or lotus position) allows you to face each other and provides increased levels of sensation and intimacy. “This is a very intense and pleasurable position for both parties, and you want to take your time with it,” says Martinez.


What it means: As you might have guessed, the cowgirl (or girl on top) position is a go-to for women who like to take the reigns. “You’re not afraid to ask for what you want,” says Martinez.

You might also like: You’ll probably get off in any position that involves being the boss and putting on a show for your partner. Exhibit A: the face-off. This sex situation gives you complete control over the angle and depth of penetration.

Doggy Style

What it means: If downward dog in bed is your jam, you might be all about feeding into those animalistic instincts. “This move is unabashed and puts your sexual needs over a personal connection,” says Martinez. Grr baby.

You might also like: The leap frog will tap into your playful and wild instincts, while allowing for even deeper penetration. (Hello!) “Also, you might find it more comfortable since your head can rest on the bed or, even better, a pillow,” says Martinez.


What it means: As with missionary, if you love you some spooning action, chances are you’re very affectionate. “This position enables you to literally feel your partner with every move you make,” says Martinez.

You might also like: The variation on spooning called the caboose (cute, right?) gives the same feeling of closeness that turns you on. “Take it slow so you can really focus on the connection you’re sharing,” says Martinez.

Reverse Cowgirl

What it means: Girls who love reverse cowgirl definitely want to get off, but they’re also honed in on turning on their partners, says Martinez. “In this position, she’s both physically and mentally stimulated,” she says. We like the sound of that.

You might also like: Similar to the reverse cowgirl, the champagne room allows you to take control. (Slay, girl, slay.) “Mix things up by regulating the pace and depth of his thrusts,” says Martinez.

Source: Women’s Health

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