Caitlin Foord: A Day In The Life Of An Olympian

At 21, Nike athlete and Matildas player, Caitlin Foord is already a veteran in the Australian football side having been a regular fixture in the team for the past five years. With two World Cups already under her belt, the defender will need to help keep out the world’s best if Australia are to win their first Olympic football medal at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Here’s how she’s ramping up her A-game – and how you can too.

How she’s… training

“In the lead-up to the Olympics it’s been pretty full on. We wake up, have breakfast, get strapped, change into our gear and head out to the field for an 80-minute session before recovery and lunch. We have a game in the afternoon, which we need to get re-strapped for. Then, same thing, recovery after, dinner and then normally everyone’s buggered by this point and we are in bed pretty early.”

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How she’s… recovering

“Recovery is crucial. You feel so good after doing a hard session, but at the time it’s not much fun at all. We’ve got team physiotherapists who do our strapping then we have some pre-hab exercises we do before games. We use trigger balls for any tight spots and resistance bands. Ice baths also come into play.”

How she’s… staying motivating

“When you find that goal that keeps you going, you can figure out how hard you can work after accomplishing it. As much as you might think you want to quit when it gets hard, just look around you for motivation. For us being in a team, when we look around and see everyone is digging deep, it’s like if you quit you’re letting the whole team down.”


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How she’s… getting focused

“Focus on how much you want something. If you really want it, you’ll find a way to do it. When I’m not in competition it’s hard to motivate myself to get out and go for a run, but that’s why setting goals you want to accomplish is so important. Remember that feeling of how good it is to achieve something and that will encourage you to get up the next day and do it again.”



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