USA to buy stocks of any Corona-drug Remdesivir

The USA have almost bought all of the available and in the next few months to be produced, doses of the possible Corona-drug Remdesivir up. The British “Guardian” reported, also citing the US-American Minister of health Alex Azar. Accordingly, the Americans secured about 500,000 doses of the drug, which accounts for the complete July-production and 90 per cent by August and September.

“President Trump has done an incredible Deal, in order to ensure that Americans have access to the first approved remedy for Covid-19”, the Minister Azar cited. “To the extent possible, we want to ensure that every American Patient who needed Remdesivir, gets it.”

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Corona-News: A drug that makes hope

The drug is manufactured by the US pharmaceutical group Gilead Sciences. Originally it wasn’t supposed to help against Ebola, which, however, was undetectable. The company holds the Patent on Remdesivir and is the only one that can restore it. According to a study, the treatment time of Covid, it should reduce the-19-patients in an average of four days.

Through the Deal, the United States as well as no dosages more for Europe and the Rest of the world are left – at least in the near term. According to the Guardian, experts are alarmed by the step of the United States, with a view to a possible vaccine that could be available in the near future.

Gilead announces price for medication

On Monday, the company announced the official price for the drug. A five-day treatment with Remdesivir will cost in the order by the US government, 2340 dollars (about 2000 Euro) per Patient, wrote Gilead CEO Daniel O’day in an open letter. For the German market, of this net amount was also planned, it said. Remdesivir is thought, therefore, currently, as a pure hospital product.

A few days before the European medicines recommended Agency EMA for a marketing authorisation for the agent with the trade name Veklury, subject to conditions in Europe. At the end of April an international study with over 1000 participants has shown that Remdesivir at Covid-19-patients can shorten the time to recovery in an average of four days – from 15 to 11 days. Although the mortality decreased in the study slightly. Statistically this decrease was not significant.

Source: The Guardian / REUTERS

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