“Oh, God, then to check all that, I’m not a scientist”

Ideas for a better life we all have. And in the new Podcast “Smarter life” we meet every week people tell us how we can implement it in everyday life. The interval fasting over the marathon training to relationship tricks – we hear stories about first steps, first successes and new beginnings. Every Saturday appears to be an Episode.

In episode three we meet the Magnet, journalist and author Sabine. She has written a book on the Impostor phenomenon, which is also known as the impostor syndrome. A conversation with a friend, the photographer, was the trigger for it. As Sabine congratulated her to a set of images in a prestigious magazine, replied the friend: “Well, that was just luck. The light was good. You know, sometimes I’m afraid to find out that I was only bluffing”.

For Sabine, that was the Aha Moment: “The sentence has taken me to the marrow.” She realized that she felt so – and that she was not alone. Nine months, researched, talked with scientists and wrote down their findings. “I have done what it is supposed to do: namely, to. And that helps, I found out,” says Sabine today.

To write the book a kind of therapy for you, but it has also led to new self-doubt: “As I gave my first Interview, I just thought: Oh, God, if I don’t know now a study, then the check that I am not a scientist. I was in a total panic. But now I had the Tools and the tame was.”

Such Fears are familiar to many people. Some suffer only temporarily, including, other big parts of your life. And there have been repeated reports that even prominent artists or people are affected in leadership positions. Recently, pop star Ellie Goulding has made public that it is doing so.

How Sabine managed to get your Fears under control? What exactly is behind the terms Impostor phenomenon, impostor syndrome? And how do we get out if we are affected?

Answers there are in consequence three of the new podcast “Smarter life”.

Live Smarter #3 – As Sabine the impostor syndrome in the handle has

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