It can also be healthy to spend time alone

The realization that chronic loneliness can make you ill, is relatively new. It is not only Older, but also, and increasingly, younger adults are. Who is socially isolated, is more susceptible to diseases such as heart disease, heart attacks and could die sooner. But there is a big difference between loneliness, social Isolation, and Enjoy to be on your own.

The BBC explains in a Video, what are the advantages of it may have to be on for themselves. Social isolation can also be in groups of people. It always depends on how well the relationships with the people around you.

How many deep relationships so you need to be not isolated? This is different with everyone. Introverted people tend to have less friendships. You are so lonely? Studies show that exactly the opposite is the case. The relationships that Introverts are stronger than those who are extroverted and have a lot of friends.

Who is alone, is a creative

Anyone who is not necessarily a loner, you should quietly spend a little time with yourself. Because it contributes to the relaxation. In a large-scale study that looked into the activities the best way to relax, found out the “BBC” that the employment needs for the Top-1 to no: read I a best. On place 3 of time alone to spend “and place 12″ of friends or family meeting was actually””.

Scientists found in addition, anyone who runs there and back again, is more creative. How else can it be explained that one of the best ideas come in the bathroom or on a walk. Silence activates the Default Mode Network. This is the Region in the brain that is activated in the idle state, and for better concentration results. Ergo, in the end, the good ideas of them.

In the Video is emphasized to the conclusion that there is a big difference between loneliness and a loner. Who feels lonely, should use this as an alarm signal, just as one feels Hunger or thirst and do something about it. But who wants to be like me, should enjoy this to the fullest.

Source: “BBC”

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