Ingredients in sun creams are safe

Each sunburn increases the long-term risk of developing skin cancer. To protect yourself from the dangerous UV-rays there are sun protection products that can be used without hesitation: The country examination office in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate has investigated in the last year, various sun creams, lotions and lipsticks and found that nearly all met the statutory requirements.

29 sun protection products with sun protection factors of between 20 and 50, only two marking on the shortcomings, all the others complied with the statutory requirements. In the case of the two offending products pictures of the packaging were missing, respectively, in the stored registration documents – further violations were not found. With the investigation, it was ensured that the products are not substances exceeded the statutory provisions and acceptable maximum concentrations of UV-Filters and preservatives. From the point of view of the foodstuffs, the products were classified as harmless.

Of medical professionals sun protection recommended products particularly in children, strongly – even in the shade, because, for example, under the umbrellas, the UV radiation can be higher than expected. Blazing sun in the noon time should be avoided, and babies do not belong at all in the sun.

Sun protection is often only 12 months

When using the products you should consider the durability, because sun creams and lotions because of their water content only has a limited lifespan. Usually it is after the first twelve months, which is indicated by the Symbol of an open cream jar, and a number. Who recorded the opening date on the product, it can later easily understand, whether it is still usable.


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