In what society do we live then? – Raul Krauthausen to the corona crisis

When people with disabilities for the Corona-risk group?

Many people with disabilities belong to the so-called risk group, because they have, for example, by Sitting not a large lung volume. Perhaps due to a spine deformation, also , even if the lungs can not expand fully or by a muscle disorder, whereby you have a limited lung volume, and then problems with the cough. Where it mainly comes to prevent pneumonia, because it can have a huge impact on these people.

How it relates to the personally?

Also relates to me the. My lungs are not the greatest. Although I have a relatively strong immune system, but if I should get a pneumonia, it could be that this is unfavorable.

How has it changed your life in the past weeks?

I have the privilege that we were able to practice with us on the work has always been in the home office. This is not to say, there are not so many restrictions? I’m a little less out of it. Still there is enough to do in the apartment. I’m curious how this looks in a few weeks. Then, when somehow everything is made of what they had done from time to time. To me, the sun is missing. To me, the socializing and the Serenity that we had in everyday life, when we are out of gone missing a bit. I hope it will be again. But when, is unclear.

What helps you through the Isolation in everyday life?

Interviews, but also routines by rhythm in everyday life and the attempt to somehow reasonably the day-to-day or life and structure to bring in. Not to consume a lot of information, but also not too few. Contact with people via social media, via Videos, Skype and then also again and again remind and point out that there are many other topics and people who are affected by this crisis. It’s not about me, it’s just me. Or only to people with a disability. There are many, many other people.

You have joined the campaign #risk group: What did you do?

Yes, the Hashtag of course went totally viral. We totally have edited a lot of media requests, which all go in the same direction as what we are doing. What me Worries are actually other things. It strikes me that there are still many people who are out on the road and not stick to it, to stay at home. But I’m also nothing. To believe that any campaign or Interviews to convince these people, but since you have access to other measures, and the state ensure. Even if it is a pity that we come here with Conviction. And then I’m of course worried : What do we do when the hospitals are at some point really? And then people with disabilities also need support, often from hospitals, then problems treated? We read terrible reports from Italy, from England, from the USA, where ventilators are scarce, and then it must be decided who will be helped and that we are witnessing something once in Germany, I would have thought possible.

What they lack in the Berichterstattzng about Corona?

I would hope that the media work around a few questions, such as individual people, which belong to the risk group. Because the issue is now been a week in numerous media – but to go further, and perhaps even the silver lining on the horizon show. In what kind of society will we live then? What is hope doing?

What are the things that happen to us will strengthen in the future?

Certainly the digitisation is given a big boost. Many people recognize that a home office is possible. Many people feel, what does it mean when you have little contact, if you are no longer lonely when you come out of the house. What a lot of people with a disability, a certain degree of empathy felt in her entire life, perhaps. But we also need to look at time in addition to question precisely: How are the people in the home for the disabled, residential homes, old people’s homes? Me stories, where people are infected to achieve, with a Corona in a home for the Disabled. The state says: Go home. But the home, and the plug with each other. There is a lack of protective equipment. The care: professionals no longer come to work because they are afraid of being infected. There are very many people who are really suffering under this crisis more than I do personally.

What do you want from the policy?

That makes you honest, and that they also really help the people who have least: people with disabilities. People who live a precarious and deserve. People who are dependent on Hartz IV. And that we don’t get back here to play any games with x times forms, and to Prove whether you are really in need of. We know exactly which people are in need of. People who are lonely, people who are single parents, people who need to take care of children at home, because the day-care centres and schools, and by the way, still work, and there’s already little have earned. This is actually clear that these people are in need of support. Some we need to support really generous.