Hearing loss: warning signs for early death?

People with hearing loss run the risk of dying sooner. But also family relationships play a role, because separated people, the Divorced, and women without children are particularly affected. A good listening Partner, in contrast, protects.

In a study by the Columbia University were the first to examine relationships between hearing loss, the relationship status and the risk of premature death. The researchers found that persons under 75 years of age, Divorced, Separated, and childless women who listened to bad, more of cardiovascular diseases died. People with a good listening partners were affected, in contrast, is less.

Death by cancer or injury were not, however, with a damaged ear. However, the hard of hearing people died more frequently because of accidents, if you had no Partner. This could be due to the fact that people in relationships their Partner will be warned of impending dangers.

"It is generally known that with increasing age, more and more people suffer from hearing loss, and this constitutes a risk for an earlier death. However, this was lit, as yet, hardly in connection with the family Situation. Our results show that the mortality rate can be in the case of the hearing-Impaired in certain family constellations is particularly high, for example, in the case of divorced men or women, the haben&quot no children;, Prof. Vegard Skirbekk from the Mailman School of Public Health said.