Samantha Kerr's Prediction For The 2018 FIFA World Cup

If anyone knows football, it’s Sam Kerr. She is after all one of the most successful Aussie players – male or female – our country has ever produced. So, who better to ask about her World Cup predictions?

We caught up with Sam in Chicago, where she’s currently playing for the Red Stars and was recently named Powerade’s newest ambassador, to talk about her adoptive US hometown, training tips, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Have you picked up any interesting health or fitness habits while you’ve been in Chicago?

One of my teammates has introduced me to a new breakfast, which is banana and scrambled eggs: two bananas and four eggs topped with some fruit, honey and peanut butter!

Game day. @chicagoredstars ?

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We read that you drink two bottles of Powerade post-game. Why do you need that much?

The amount can vary depending on what I’ve done in the game. We weigh in before and after every game to see how much weight we have lost, which ultimately is how much fluid we have lost. Normally after a full 90-minute game, playing at an elite level, I need that amount to refill my body immediately after a game.

Have you had a chance to follow the World Cup with all your training commitments?

Here in America, the World Cup games start from 5am to 1pm. I have watched most games. I have been watching from the couch in my living room or in the training room in our locker.

Any World Cup predictions?

It’s going to be hard to go by the favourites at the pointy end of the tournament but I really like the look of Mexico after their first match. Fast attacking football!

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