An Incredible 19% Of Men Don’t Think This Sexual Indiscretion Counts As Cheating

A new UK study has found that a stunning 19 per cent of men believe that “passionately kissing” a woman who is not their partner does not count as cheating.

An equally surprising nine per cent of women also felt that kissing someone other than their partner wasn’t a relationship dealbreaker.

The study of 5000 people, conducted by the charities Relate and Relationships Scotland, also found a considerable disparity between the attitudes of younger and older respondents, with the youngest respondents surprisingly more possessive of their partners than older respondents.

A full 45 per cent of 16- to 24-year-olds considered a partner flirting with someone else to be “cheating”, while this figure dropped to 31 per cent when older respondents were factored in.

There was also significant disparity between the sexes, with 20 per cent of women citing porn watching as cheating against just 11 per cent of men.

Little surprise, however, that the study found that two-thirds of couples felt their relationship could not survive their partner cheating on them.

Guess it all depends on your definition of “cheating”.

This article originally appeared on Men’s Health

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