27 Women Share The Details Of The Hottest Sex They've Ever Had

Every woman has one or two tricks up her sleeve that get her and her partner going every time. But knowledge is power, so by interviewing 27 real women and asking for theirs, we’re giving you 27 new tricks to try. Add them to your arsenal, and get ready for an amazing between the sheets session.

“One time, I kept my underwear on and had my boyfriend just move it to the side when he entered me. The way he pulled the fabric aside caused it to rub against my clitoris, which felt really great.” —Amber, 21

“My boyfriend always used to say he wanted to go down on me for hours, but one day, we put it to the test. He went down on me for an hour, even after I had an orgasm. We had little breaks in between, but what was incredible was the permission to have so much time to focus on my pleasure. I had four orgasms total!”Jenna, 28

“I love leaving my clothes on for as long as possible, having my husband rub my panties until they’re almost soaked through. I love lingerie, so it seems silly for it to come off so quickly.” —Bree, 31

“My favourite sex is either really loud sex or really quiet sex. One time, my boyfriend and I were staying at a friend’s apartment. She has paper-thin walls, so we had nearly silent sex. It made everything feel so much more urgent and hot.”Ally, 23

“Reverse cowgirl when he touches my breasts. Amazing.” —Kristin, 28

“Sometimes, when I come home from work, I ask my boyfriend to undress me, which is code for I want sex. It’s really hot to know sex is on the agenda as soon as you walk into the door.” —Nicole, 27

“One time, we did it doggy style in front of a mirror. What was so hot was seeing our faces—I could see how much we both wanted it. It was awesome.”Andi, 27

“I give my boyfriend my vibrator to use on me, and one time, he put the vibrator inside me and then entered me. The vibrations, combined with the feelings of fullness, were incredible.” —Ruth, 28

“Shower sex was always meh for me, until my boyfriend and I started using lube. The slipperiness of the lube on my clitoris combined with the feeling of the water against my skin was such a cool sensation, I can’t wait to try it again.”Katie, 24

“My boyfriend once put temporary letter tattoos on my boobs, spelling out very naughty and inappropriate words. I left them on when I went to work the next day, making me feel like I had a sexy secret and leaving me so excited for round two the next night.”Auburn, 32

“My favourite position is my legs over his shoulders. The deep angle feels great to me, and he loves it, as well.” —Jane, 35

“I love when my boyfriend digs his fingers into my back. It feels primal, like he needs me right now. To let him know I’m in the mood for rougher sex, I’ll usually start by biting him gently on the neck.” —Ari, 33

“In the summer, I love brushing my teeth and putting on my makeup topless. The view gets my husband going, and I also love how sexy I feel. It puts me in an awesome mood all day.”Lisa, 28

“I love a long semi-public makeout session. We live together, so we have our entire living room to make out in, but there’s something about getting passionate in the booth of a neighborhood bar that makes me feel like we’ve just started dating.” —Jen, 24

“I recently started giving my boyfriend dominatrix-like directions, telling him to touch my breasts and to kiss me. I’m usually mild-mannered, so I was surprised at how easy it was to tap into that part of myself. … I loved it!” —Kristen, 34

“When my boyfriend and I are watching TV, I’ll put his hand inside my shirt and have him touch my nipples. An hour of breast play gets me super in the mood, and I love the combination of cozy and naughty.”Michelle, 24

“I really like going down on my boyfriend, and I try to show my enthusiasm with moans. He likes how excited I get, and the more excited I act, the more into it I am. Pleasure is really fun when you just let go.” —Briana, 28

“I love slow spooning sex when we’re both almost asleep. It’s not urgent, but it feels super passionate because we’re just trying to be as close as possible to each other.”Aubrey, 25

“I keep my legs super rigid and straight when he enters me. The tight entry feels great, and I almost always orgasm from this position.”Kelsey, 26

“Before my boyfriend goes down on me, he’ll slowly slide an ice cube around my clitoris. The cold of the ice followed by the warmth of his tongue is an incredible sensation.” —Jill, 27

“We sometimes put porn on in the background when we have sex. I thought it’d be distracting, but it’s actually really hot.” —Kasey, 25

“Sometimes, my boyfriend will stop when he’s inside me, and I’ll squeeze my vaginal muscles really hard, which feels so good for both of us.” —Beth, 30

“I never thought I was into dirty talking, but my boyfriend narrates what’s going on—where he’s putting his hands, what my breasts look like. Hearing it as it’s happening is so hot.” —Jamie, 31

“I love being on top and pinning down my boyfriend’s hands behind his head. It’s so sexy to be in charge.”Rachael, 30

“Sometimes, my fiancé and I set the alarm for 6 a.m., two hours before we have to wake up. We have sex, then fall asleep for a morning nap.”Ellen, 27

“I love sex with the lights on. Not only does it feel naughty, but I also love being able to really see what’s going on.” —Leslie, 34

“My boyfriend and I text each other the next a.m. about some of our favourite moments from the night before. The replay is hot, and it also helps us figure out what really gets us going.” —Kristin, 23

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