WH's Favourite Fitfluencers Reveal Their New Year's Resolutions For 2018

Get some inspiration from WH faves to help you smash your goals in 2018.

Leah Itsines

  • Take more time out for myself! Once a week, do something for myself (massage, sauna, relaxations) 
  • Do more pilates & look after my body. After my injury, I did pilates and it felt incredible, but I stopped due to being busy (excuses!) so I need to get back!
  • Create more beautiful content and recipes that can really HELP my following!
  • Do more exciting things! I’d love to go shark cage diving, jump out of a plane or any other thrilling activities!  

Jessica Sepel

  • To better slower and more mindful with everything I do.
  • To be more present in my everyday life and enjoy the journey – not just focus on the outcome.
  • To spend more time with my friends. The busier JSHealth becomes, the harder it has become to be social.
  • To give the JSHealth brand my all – I have a big dream for 2018. I want to reach a larger audience.
  • To have more patience with my creative ideas and realise things need more time.
  • To find more stillness in my everyday busy life
  • To easily get into crow pose in yoga! Ha! This means I need to TRUST more!

Laura Henshaw

  • Run a marathon. This is my biggest one for 2018! I write all of the running plans and am the running coach on our KIC Girls program and would love to work towards something with all of our gorgeous KIC Girls. Some girls will be working towards 5km (from never being able to run 100m before) or 10-20km so I want to challenge myself with them – they all inspire me so much.
  • Switch off from social media at 8pm. I used to be so good at this and found I slept so well and spent more quality time with my partner, however of late this rule has gone out the window!
  • Remember to take my vitamins every day. I love BEAR Immunity vitamins, and aim to take them every day to keep my immune system strong during busy work periods.

Steph Smith

  • Run 10km. Furthest I’ve ever run is 5km, and I really don’t enjoy it… but it’s something I want to tackle and get better at.
  • Be more on top of my laundry haha! It gets out of hand!
  • Prioritize time to catch up with old friends. Sometimes my schedule gets so busy I only have time to catch up with friends in the industry because they’re going to the same events that I am. But on the rare occasion I catch up with an old mate I have the time of my life, and it’s such a nice way to remove myself from the industry for a few hours and be around people who have known me for years.

Leah Simmons

I don’t need to wait until the new year to make change! Every day I see how I can be better than yesterday… I’m committed to daily change… whatever year we are in!!

Katie Williams

My NY is to practice more mindfulness. Mindfulness allows you to become more aware and therefore more present in your daily life. The only thing you have for sure in life is the present moment. Living in the present means letting go of the past and the worries or expectations of the future, and focusing on what you have now. Mindfulness helps you choose what you focus on and helps direct the mind to stop letting the past shape the future. It means that you can stop identifying your thoughts and reacting emotionally to them. The biggest advantage of mindfulness is that you can avoid unnecessary anxiety and stress. In mindfulness, there’s more joy, clarity, creativity, and energy.

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