This Woman Won $500 For Having Her Massive Cyst Popped On Video

Thought being a poop donor was the grossest way to make money from bodily excretions? Well, yesterday CBS’s The Doctors shelled out a $500 gift card to a woman known only as Kristi, who had her tennis-ball sized cyst popped on video.

The footage, originally taken by Southern California dermatologist and Instagram star Sandra Lee, M.D., aired on the daytime medical talk show as part of a contest to determine which of Lee’s viral pimple-popping videos was grossest. And you thought awards season was over. Here’s the clip from the show:

The prize-winning cyst easily beat out two other dermatologic nightmares from Lee’s resume, including a golf-ball sized lipoma (a usually non-cancerous fatty lump) and a cyst the size of an egg on a woman’s scalp.

After enduring footage of Lee (a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper) working her gag-inducing magic on all three cases, the audience voted overwhelmingly for the thigh mass, which had been growing on the back of Kristi’s thigh for 24 years. To make things weirder, the thigh cyst had apparently been nicknamed “Kramer” by Kristi’s friends (not to be confused with “Arthur,” the name given to the scalp cyst by that woman’s family). Naming your cysts is apparently a thing, because (we guess) how else will they become social media stars?

Kristi was humble about her win, which was undoubtedly secured as a result of the volcano-like gush of brown liquid that erupted from the fatty mass as Lee cut into it. If you ask us, the audience should have been awarded something for watching the procedure without wretching…but check it out and judge for yourself—if you dare.

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