The One Thing Meghan Markle Can't Wear When Pregnant

We could handle having to wear nude stockings and perhaps we might adjust to a black-free wardrobe, but banning track pants during pregnancy? Well that’s just a step too far.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what Meghan Markle has to abide by thanks to her new royal status. Apparently protocol dictates that the royal fam has to adhere to wear ‘smart casual’ attire at all times and that means no tracksuits.

While normal pregnant women are getting around in stretchy leggings and baggy trackie dacks in the name of maternity wear, poor Megs will be squeezing her bump into actual pants. The horror.

Now she might be able to rock them when she’s tucked up at home in one of her three houses, but when she’s around the rest of the royal fam or at any public event it’s completely off limits.

Given we spend 99.9 percent of our lives in activewear, this might be a deal breaker for us. Sorry Prince Harry. 

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