The Inspiring Instagram Account Encouraging People To Embrace Their Imperfections

While some may view scars as imperfections, others see these marks as something to be celebrated. Enter: Behind the Scars. An Instagram account devoted in its entirety to challenging our perception of “flaws.”

Launched by British photographer Sophie Mayanne, the account features photographs of over a hundred men and women proudly showing off what many would consider as disfigurements – from missing digits to burned skin, to wounds that have healed following major surgery. Some blemishes are a result of a traumatic life event, while others are merely a memory of childhood.

But while the stories behind the snaps vary, the premise behind the project is simple: we should embrace our scars rather than hide them.

Mayanne first came up with the inspiring concept whilst working on an editorial piece for Petrie magazine last year. 

“Each person had varying feelings towards their scars, and how they felt in front of the camera,” she told The Independent. “This series isn’t just about the photographs but about embracing each person’s individual experiences and feelings, and understanding their personal stories.”

Now, she hopes her work will encourage others to spread body positivity and love the skin they are in.  

“If I can change just one person’s opinion or help someone who is battling with their own self-image, then for me the project is a success,” she said.   

“I want people to be able to identify with the images, to see an array of different people and maybe think ‘I have imperfections too, but they make me who I am.’”

Now, this is an initiative to get behind.

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