The Best Position To Sleep In When You’re On Your Period

When period cramps strike, most of us instinctively turn to pain killers, a hot water bottle and the foetal position. It turns out that the latter is an expert approved method for relieving menstrual pain.

Gynaecologists Lisa Lindley and Jennifer Wider told Glamour that the best way to sleep when Aunt Flo’s in town is in the foetal position.

“Sleeping in the foetal position takes pressure off the abdominal muscles,” says Dr Lindley.

“Many women report that the foetal position can help relieve cramps,” adds Dr Wider.

The arrangement relaxes the skeletal muscles around your abdomen and relieves the tension in the area. Period tracking app Clue points out that the position can also prevent leakage. Bonus.

Conversely, the worst sleeping situation for period cramps is lying face down as it can irritate the uterus so that more blood comes out, increasing the likelihood of an overnight leak.

Some other research-backed methods of relieving period pain include exercise (especially yoga), upping your magnesium intake, a healthy diet, essential oils, heat packs and acupuncture.

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