Mother’s heart released ripping the picture of your daughter in cancer treatment

Sophia Soto was just 14 months old when her cancer was diagnosed. There are countless operations and hospital followed stays. Five years later, her mother shares the poignant photos of the time – to celebrate their now-healthy daughter.

It is an image that is very close. The 14-month-old Sophia Soto sitting on a treatment table in the hospital, her head is bare, her upper body only with a bandage covered, two nurses prepare. You touch the girl gently, but her look says more than thousand words. Desperate, she looks directly into the camera. Her chin trembles, she looks as if she would cry silently.

The photo that Sophia’s mother Rosie Soto shares five years later, shows how cancer in children really looks like. "I look at the photo and I am amazed about how I managed habe", Daily Mail quoted the 40-Year-old. "It was so hard to see my little girl so sick."

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Shock Diagnosis: Neuroblastoma

The now six-year-old British woman suffers from a specific Form of cancer: neuroblastoma. It is a malignant neoplasm that occurs predominantly in childhood. In the case of Sophia, the Tumor was revealed in the face – your eyes around, he caused bruising. However, Doctors did not see the connection, and suspected that the girl had fallen or had been pushed.

Rosie Soto did not give up however, and brought her daughter to an eye specialist who finally put the shock diagnosis. The cells of the tumor, so-called Neuroblasts, had settled behind their eye and the bruising caused. A further investigation revealed that one kidney was affected. The cancer was already in stage four.

It is a 60-chemotherapy followed-meetings, 40 radiation treatments and a stem cell transplant. Since November 2014, eight months after the initial diagnosis, the girl is in Remission. Two years ago, she has stopped taking drugs.

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Sophia lives with cancer

Cancer-free six-year-old is not yet. Every half a year you have to for a Check-Up to eye care professionals. Due to its location, the local neuro could not be removed blasts, but the Doctors suspect that it is benign. "The Doctors say that an Operation scar might be her face könnte", explains the mother. An Operation at a later point in time, the 40-Year-old does not preclude, however.

"No one can imagine what she’s been through, if you see them now – she looks like a normal Kind", Rosie Soto tells with pride about her daughter. "Sophia has moments where you want to know more about your disease and you have questions about your scars. But all in all she is a pretty happy girl." Caters Is The Winner Of News Agency

"She is a Kämpferin"