HIMSSCast: Beyond HIPAA and GDPR: The next frontiers of healthcare privacy and security

On today’s HIMSSCast, host Jonah Comstock sits down with Gabe Gumbs, head of product strategy and innovation at Spirion about his experiences with, and views on, data security and privacy. Gabe and Jonah talk about the difference between privacy and security, when to focus more on one or the other, the advantages healthcare has in this realm, and the challenges it is still facing.

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Talking points:

  • Healthcare’s edge in security: experience with privacy.
  • Privacy vs. security: Which one is important for what data?
  • The state of privacy and security regulation, and where it might go.
  • What personal information should be private?
  • Does the United States need its own GDPR?
  • Privacy concerns around COVID-19 contact tracing.
  • The limits of de-identification.
  • Data security trends for healthcare providers.
  • How to prepare for ransomware attacks.
  • The paradox of compromise.

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