Former obese vegan now ONLY eats raw liver, mince and bone marrow

Former obese vegan now ONLY eats raw liver, mince and bone marrow

Scientist, 26, loses 8 STONE by ditching his vegan diet for RAW liver, mince and bone marrow and claims his carnivore-only eating plan has boosted his sex drive!

  • While vegan, Andrew Graf was severely overweight and battled anxiety
  • He abandoned a plant-based diet to encourage his body to burn fat not carbs
  • Controversial diet caused him to go from 21st 4lbs to just 13st 5lbs
  • Claims regimen allows him to think clearly and lowered his blood pressure
  • Experts warn such diets do not contain antioxidants, vitamins or fibre
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A former obese vegan has lost nearly half his bodyweight after switching to a ‘carnivore diet’ of nothing but raw liver, mince and bone marrow. 

Andrew Graf, 26, from Texas, was overweight and battling anxiety before he ditched his plant-based eating regimen for a raw-meat diet in an attempt to make his body run on fat rather than carbohydrates.

The scientist now eats no carbs whatsoever and consumes just 1-to-2lbs (0.4-to- 0.8kg) of raw meat a day at dinnertime.

The dramatic diet has caused Mr Graf to go from 21st 4lbs (135kg) to just 13st 5lbs (84kg), with him also claiming the controversial eating plan has boosted his libido, allowed him to think clearer and lowered his blood pressure.

Although he describes the diet as life changing, Mr Graf admits he suffers from constipation, with other followers developing rashes and a foul breath.

Experts claim the raw-meat diet only provides its followers with protein and fat, and causes them to miss out on vitamins, fibre and antioxidants. This can affect their immunity, digestion, circulation and cognitive function.

Eating raw red meat also increases a person’s risk of food poisoning if they become infected with bacteria like Salmonella.

Andrew Graf, who was once an obese vegan, has lost nearly half his bodyweight after switching to a ‘carnivore diet’ of nothing but raw liver, mince and bone marrow

Mr Graf used to weigh 21st 4lbs, with the controversial diet dropping his weight to just 13st 5lbs. He claims he tried calorie restriction, low-carb diets and exercise to shift the pounds

Mr Graf claims a raw meat diet has boosted his libido and helped him to think more clearly 

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Followers of the carnivore diet typically eat just meat, with no carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit, grains or nuts. Some also have dairy and fish.

Experts argue followers of such an eating regimen miss out on fibre, antioxidants and vitamins. Lacking in these nutrients can affect a person’s immunity, digestion, circulation and cognitive function.

Eliminating most of the major food groups does cause many carnivore dieters to lose weight, however, it can also lead to constipation. 

Due to meat being rich in protein and fat, many followers claim they feel fuller for longer, even though they are missing out on vital nutrients. 

Experts claim followers of such a diet may initially feel better due to them cutting out sugar and processed food. Yet such eating plans are often unsustainable, causing dieters to feel frustrated and defeated.

Among those who take it one step further and eat raw red meat, they are putting themselves at risk of food poisoning if they become infected with bacteria like Salmonella.


‘Eating raw means you eat less’ 

Speaking of his weight loss, Mr Graf, who studies insects, said: ‘I’ve been experimenting with diets since high school.

‘I tried veganism, high carbs, calorie restriction and excessive exercising but nothing was doing it.

‘When I heard about the carnivore diet I thought it sounded nuts. But I gave it a try [and] could not believe the difference. It was like living in a new world.

‘Once I went raw I found I could eat smaller quantities to feel satisfied.

‘Cooking reduces the bioavailability of nutrients, so eating raw means you eat less. I also prefer the taste, I’ve always preferred things rarer.’

Mr Graf only eats at dinnertime to avoid creating a stir by consuming raw meat in public.

Mr Graf exists on just 1-to-2lbs of raw meat every day, which he eats at dinnertime to avoid creating a stir by consuming such food in public. He claims raw meat is more satisfying and therefore followers of the controversial diet do not need to eat as much as others

This typical meal of raw liver, steak and bone marrow contains no carbohydrates at all 



As a vegan, Mr Graf would have eaten only plant-based foods with no meat, poultry, fish or dairy.

He would have been allowed to consume fruit, vegetables, grains, oils, nuts, seeds and pulses.

A typical breakfast may have included vegan sausages, mushrooms, baked beans and scrambled tofu. Other options include toast with jam or cereal in dairy-free ‘milk’.

Vegan lunches and dinners often include curries made with coconut milk, stir fries or roasted vegetables with a meat substitute.

It is unclear whether Mr Graf restricted his calories while vegan or ate the recommended 2,500 a day for a man. 


Now on a carnivore diet, Mr Graf eats only raw red meat, which includes liver and bone marrow.

He has just 1-to-2lbs of meat a day at dinnertime to avoid attracting attention in public.  

‘People on this diet have a lower mortality’ 

Mr Graf dismisses warnings about the health risks of a carnivore diet, which has been linked to higher cholesterol, and artery and heart disease.

He said: ‘Those claims are incorrect, people on this diet have a lower mortality.’

Speaking of the side effects of only eating raw meat, Mr Graf added: ‘Constipation can happen from heavy cheese consumption, but that can happen regardless of the carnivore diet. I found bowel movements are just more irregular.

‘Our breath is rather odorless really. Some people develop what is known as keto rash, which most suspects is a reaction.’

Mr Graf (pictured before) claims obesity runs in his family and he has watched the eating disorder kill his loved ones. He is therefore helping his relatives adopt his raw-meat lifestyle  

Although he praises the raw-meat diet for also lowering his blood pressure, Mr Graf admits it has made his bowel movements more irregular. Other followers develop rashes and bad breath

Mr Graf dismisses claims that his raw-meat meals are increasing his risk of high cholesterol or heart disease and insists followers of the diet live longer than those that eat plants 

‘Vegans definitely feel threatened’  

Mr Graf tried being vegan for several months, which he claims left him ‘bloated, constipated and lethargic.’ 

He said: ‘Vegans definitely feel threatened. Online clashes typically follow carnivores minding their own business when vegans attempt to shame and harass us.It’s as if our existence is some kind of existential threat.

‘But I found this has worked for me.’

He is teaching his family, who have a history of obesity, how to adopt his raw-meat lifestyle.

Mr Graf said: ‘People in my family were dropping dead at a young age.

‘I would hate to outlive them, so now I’m teaching them to do doing the same thing.’

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