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Tea and soup: The classic against diarrhea

If it is warmer outside, spread certain germs on the food faster. You consume such food, this appears not rarely by symptoms such as diarrhea. What are classical home remedies are suitable for self-treatment?

In the summer, bacteria such as Salmonella have the easier game. Infection will quickly lead to diarrhea. Home remedies alleviate the symptoms – in the case of certain warning signs, you should to the doctor.

Apples and carrots help in case of diarrhea

In the case of diarrhoea of grated Apple or carrot soup can may help. The classic home remedies for self-treatment, explains the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony. Thus, the Apple pectin binding excess water, which has a firming effect on the chair. Certain acids in the carrots would, in turn, bind to the bacteria, so that they attach themselves in such numbers in the intestinal cells.

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Some of the teas for diarrhea treatment

Also black tea and teas with or neck stiffness, herb, or BlackBerry leaves may relieve discomfort – at the same time, to counteract the loss of liquid when drinking a lot. The electrolyte solutions provide the body with minerals, the chamber of pharmacists.

The warning signs for dehydration note

Dry lips, swallowing difficulties, or concentration problems are the Experts, and according to experts, the possible warning signs for Dehydration a dehydration of the body. In the worst case, threatened then by a so-called electrolyte circulation shifts problems to circulatory failure.

Just infants, children, and seniors can become dehydrated with diarrhea fast. Here is a visit to the doctor is advisable. In General, the following applies: in addition to diarrhea, fever, lasts longer than three days and you have painful cramps and bleeding, this should be urgently clarified medically.

Bacteria have it in the summer easier

At summer temperatures, bacteria such as Salmonella or Campylobacter, according to the chamber of pharmacists easier game. The propagation will be accelerated and the life span of the excitation increases. Therefore, Hygiene in food handling is even more important: wash the meat well cooked and the hands after preparing thoroughly for example. Also, the adherence to the cooling chain is not important, so that about Salmonella can spread. (vb: source: dpa/tmn)

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