Bradley Walsh suffers from a ‘seriously bad’ condition

Bradley Walsh jokes 'we're galloping into pointless territory'

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“So many times, people have commented on how I look,” Bradley Walsh told the Loose Women panellist. “People don’t realise I have seriously bad blepharitis,” the 62-year-old revealed. Blepharitis causes inflammation of the eyelids, optometrist Doctor Paramdeep Bilkhu explained.

The chronic condition can lead to red and puffy eyelids, which has lead to some fans to speculate that Walsh likes a drink.

One posted to Twitter: “The Chase is great. I love the way you look drunk even when you’re sober.”

Bradley addressed his health condition on the ITV talk show in 2017, adding: “I have to take one pill a day for it or I really struggle.

“I am going to need my eyes operated on at some point to sort it out… If I take medication though, I’m fine.”

Doctor Bilkhu elaborated on blepharitis, stating the “common” eye issue can lead to “crusty” eyelashes, itchiness, and soreness.

“If left untreated, in severe cases it can cause other eye complications, such as corneal ulcers,” the doc cautioned.

“Although blepharitis cannot be totally cured, it is possible to make your eyes more comfortable,” he added.

A warm compress on the eye, for example, can help to unblock glands and loosen the crusts on the eyelid.

The warm compress can then be used to clean away any crust and debris on the eyelids.

“Use dry eye drops to help if your eyes feel gritty or dry,” Doctor Bilkhu advised.

“If warm compresses and cleaning your eye lids don’t work, your optometrist or doctor may prescribe you antibiotic ointment or tablets,” he added.

People who think they could be suffering from blepharitis are advised to visit an optician.

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As for Walsh, while it might seem unsightly at times, his eye condition hasn’t halted his career.

In addition to presenting ITV’s The Chase, he also portrays Pop Larkin in the TV series The Larkins.

The father-of-two to Barney and Hayley is soon to star on BBC’s Children In Need.

First airing on BBC One in 1980, the big charity fundraiser is back with a week full of Children in Need programming.

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On Friday, the three-hour TV special will feature sketches, specials and spoofs from entertainers across the industry.

Celebrity presenters include comedians Chris Ramsey, Mel Giedroyc, and Jason Manford, basketball player Ade Adepitan, and sports commentator Alex Scott.

Children in Need’s Appeal Night show will air on Friday, November 18 on BBC One at 7pm.

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