​This Bikini Hack Will Change The Game For Women With Big Boobs

For all the ladies who find that tie-halter swimsuits just don’t do their boulder-holder duty, the internet has uncovered a brilliant hack. We’re talking life-changing.

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On Instagram stories, Ashley Graham shows how she expertly tied the strings of her bikini top in such a way to keep the strain off her neck and her ladies lifted. The hack is the genius work of body-positive, self-acceptance guru Allison Kimmey (her tagline is Just Do You. Truth!)—you can watch her full tutorial here to tie your string bikini just like Ashley:

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After all, women who wear a bigger cup size tend to have more neck and shoulder pain, researchers say.

The suit she sported was a little leopard and black number from the body-loving bathing suit line Swimsuits for All.

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The trick, Allison explains in her video, is to tie one neck string to the middle of the opposite back string, and repeat with the other back/neck string. You put the top over your head and then use the available back strings to tie just as you normally would.

The result: a racerback style halter that uses your back to support the girls—not your neck. Plus, it’s darn cute, too. Don’t be surprised if you see tons of women sporting this look at the beach this year: Her video, posted yesterday, has already gotten about 25,000 views.

As for Ashley, she’s always looking for ways to make the lives of bi- chested women easier. In May, she Instagrammed a strapless bra hack. (Spoiler alert: it’s going down a band size). Just call her the boob saver.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health.

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