The Most Adorable Photos of Jade and Tanner Tolbert's Family of 5

5 Years Strong

In honor of their five-year anniversary, Jade posted a sentimental note celebrating her hubby Tanner and the life they’ve built together since tying the knot in 2016.

“Once upon a time, two people fell in love; and then, their love grew, stretched and multiplied. 🥰 5 years and a family of 5, can you believe it @tanner.tolbert!?” she began. “We’ve created a life of companionship, fulfillment and love through the ups and downs of life, and I wouldn’t and couldn’t do it with anyone else.”

“I think marriage is a commitment and a beautiful promise to be someone’s best friend forever, and I’m so proud of us and the family we’ve created,” she added. “Cheers to choosing each other and to the rest of our life together. 💗💗”

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‘Pandemicversary’ Photo

Tanner surprised Jade and the family with a beautiful staycation to celebrate their five-year anniversary.

“I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our love than spending it with our loves,” the happy mama and wife wrote.

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Holiday Hugs

“Sending love, hope and warmth to all your hearts out there. ❤️❤️,” Jade captioned this Christmas Eve snap of herself cuddled up with her family.

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Plaid Party

The matching pajama Tolbert tradition continues, this time with baby Reed joining in on the fun.

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Thanksgiving Cutie

Baby Reed was the star of the holiday in this adorable turkey costume. 

“Marinated and cooked this little Turkey for 9 months to perfection! 😉,” Jade wrote, wishing her followers a happy Thanksgiving.

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Big Sister Duties

Emmy snuggles up with her new baby brother Reed in this sweet shot.

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Baby Reed Arrives!

The Tolberts welcomed their third child, a son named Reed Harrison Tolbert, on Nov. 13, 2020.

“He’s here and he’s perfect,” glowing mama Jade captioned her precious post.

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Besties for Life

Jade revealed on Instagram that her kiddos are the best of friends! She wrote in a lengthy caption, “When Brooks was a newborn, Emmy didn’t seem to mind his presence, but she didn’t want to hold him on her lap or really interact with him, so we never forced her. It always made me a little sad, because I was hoping they would have an amazing bond. Well, it’s been the best to watch their relationship naturally evolve, because nowadays, they are equally obsessed with each other. They have giggle sessions that last forever, and I just sit and watch and smile because I honestly have zero idea what they are laughing about. It’s like they have their own language now. They are the cutest best friends.” 

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Mom of Many Talents

“Do you know the muffin (wo)man,” Tanner joked on Instagram alongside a sweet photo of Emmy baking with her mom.

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Tree Huggers

The family became one with nature while on an adventure at the Redwood National Forest. 

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(Almost) All Smiles

Emmy didn’t want to participate in the family’s “attempt at an artsy photo” during their visit, though. 

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Dads Rock

Jade celebrated Father’s Day by gushing over her husband. She wrote on Instagram, “Happy Father’s Day, @tanner.tolbert! To the best daddy!! The baby-wearing father who isn’t too cool to wear matching jammies with his family every holiday, the daddy who sits down and lets Emmy paint his nails 6 times in a row, the guy who swore he’d never change poopy diapers and now handles them like a champ! Haha. We love you soooo much, and as Emmy would say, ‘You’re our best friend!!’ Thanks for making memories with us, and laughing and crying with me through this crazy, amazing thing called parenthood. ❤️❤️❤️”

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Baby Makes Five!

Jade and Tanner are officially outnumbered! The couple announced on Instagram that Jade was pregnant with the couple’s third child. 

The mom-to-be captioned their hilarious announcement, “HERE WE GROW AGAIN!!! It feels so good to be able to finally talk about this pregnancy! If you noticed I haven’t been on social media much the past couple of months, it’s because I was dealing with terrible nausea and fatigue, on top of taking care of two kiddos during a pandemic.”

She added, “Although this time has its uncertainties, we are so thankful and excited for this baby. I truly believe babies being born during this time are here for a special reason, to be light workers. We are beyond happy to love another baby, to give Emmy and Brooks another sibling and to have our children be so close! #partyof5 #babynumber3”

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Picture Perfect

Brooks and Emmy match in corduroy outfits for a photo with their beautiful mom. 

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Multi-Tasking Mama

It isn’t easy juggling two kiddos under 3, but we’d say this mama is doing a great job overall! 

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Shake It Up

This “#girldad” is “waiting for all the boys to show up in the yard.” You know, on account of the milkshake? 

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Tiger King & Queen

Jade and Tanner dressed as Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic from the oh-so-bingeworthy Tiger King and recruited Emmy and Brooks to dress as tigers, too! 

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Mommy’s Valentines

“I love those sweet smiles! Thank you @tanner.tolbert for helping make these beautiful babies! We are so lucky to have their love. #valentines,” Jade wrote on Instagram in honor of Valentine’s Day. 

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Merry Kiss Me!

Jade, Tanner, Emmy and Brooks celebrated their first Christmas together as a family of four in December 2019 and looked so cute in their coordinated denim jackets. 

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Smile for the Camera!

It is very rare that a family of four — with an infant! — can get a family photo where they’re all looking at the camera, but the Tolberts managed to do it! 

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Plaid to See You!

The more members of the family, the more matching pajamas you can buy (dogs included, of course).

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

They’re an inspiration to those of us who need to step up our matching game, that’s for sure! 

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Family Fun

What can they say? They love a matching moment! 

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Just a Little Hocus Pocus

Halloween as a family of four meant going all out! Jade, Tanner and Emmy dressed as the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus, while Brooks was a baby Binx. 

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Burnin’ Love

Viva Las Vegas! The family also dressed up as the King himself, Elvis! Even baby Brooks had his impression down.

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Phone Home

The year before, the Jade, Tanner and Emmy totally nailed their E.T. costumes.

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Silly Faces

In honor of Emmy’s second birthday, Jade wrote on Instagram, “It’s your day, Emmy!! Happy 2nd Birthday to this wild spirit with a sweet soul! Being your mommy is my truest joy, and I love watching you grow into your own. You are so special and we treasure you. I love you SO big, baby girl!!” 

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Baby Makes Four!

After a birth Chris Harrison would call “the most dramatic ever,” Brooks Easton Tolbert joined the Tolbert family on July 29, 2019. 

“Our first photo as a family of four!,” Jade captioned the sweet snap on Instagram. The mom of two admitted, “Honestly, I was so worried about the moment Emmy would meet her brother for the first time, but she was such a nurturing big sister, already.” 

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