This Instant Hack For Making False Eyelashes Look Real Is Going Viral

It’s 2018, false lashes and eyelash extensions are as popular as your regular old mascara and no woman worth their full mink set would dream of heading to an event without them. But for every fluttery set of falsies, there are dozens that look, well, not quite right.

Enter: makeup artist Paloma Garcia’s foolproof false eyelashes hack. Designed to make false lashes look more natural, her simple trick – which involves just a spoolie brush – went viral within minutes of her posting it. In fact, Glamour reports it had millions of views in its first 48 hours alone.

By brushing up the synthetic lashes with the spoolie (you could use a spare mascara wand or a brow brush would do the trick), the falsies quickly become more separated, wispy and convincing – or at least, they look a lot more like the luxe mink or silk versions.

Palolma Garcia, we bow down.

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