Milk Makeup Is Adding 16 New Blur Foundation and Flex Concealer Shades

UPDATE (July 23, 2018): Wow, it's been a full calendar year since Milk Makeup launched its Blur Foundation. The oil-free, matte-but-not-too-matte formula was a hit and as the brand's first foray into the full-coverage complexion game, it debuted with a modest 16-shade offering. For its first birthday (or anniversary, if you will), the Blur Foundation family is gaining eight new shades, rounding out the light, medium, and dark shades. Now the two-dozen shades will be able to cover the ground of very deep skin tones as well as very pale and the tricky nuances of those with skin tones in between. The new shades include Porcelain (very fair with neutral undertones), Creme (very fair with warm, yellow undertones), Golden Honey (Medium with warm, very peach undertones), Bisque (medium tan with neutral undertones), Cinnamon (tan to deep with golden, olive undertones), Mocha (deep with neutral undertones), Cocoa (very deep with warm, red undertones), and Espresso (very deep with neutral, cool undertones).

That's not all, though. Milk Makeup's Flex Concealer is also gaining more eight shades, which will be able to more seamlessly pair with the foundation shades, so you really can cover all of your bases. The new shades include Porcelain, Creme, Vanilla (light with pink undertones), Medium Beige (medium with yellow undertones), Caramel (tan with neutral undertones), Cinnamon, Cocoa, and Espresso.

The new shades of Blur Liquid Matte Foundation ($40) and Flex Concealer ($28) deploy on 7/24 at and, and you can swatch them IRL on 8/15 in Sephora stores.

If you're not a makeup artist or a big-time beauty vlogger, foundation can be a confounding mystery of how to make your skin look like skin but also… better skin? Meta skin? It's best not to overthink it. I'm glad that makeup brands like Milk Makeup however DO overthink these things so that I don't have to (work smarter, not harder!).

Today is the drop date for their new Blur Liquid Matte Foundation — probably the most versatile of their complexion products. I've been loyal to their Sunshine Skin Tint for its easy giant ballpoint pen-like packaging and SPF 30 (love a foundation with sun protection). However, summer time has me glowing a bit extra as it is, seeing as my T-zone has become some sort of sebum wholesaler during these warmer months. I'm blinding myself in my own reflection come midday and it's not OK.

Anyway, this Blur Matte Foundation is oil-free and silicone-free, which piqued my interested since silicone-y products tend to pill over my moisturizer and sunscreen. Available in 16 shades ranging from Ivory to Deep, with warm and neutral variations of all tones in between, the formula is a concentrated liquid. The tube has an airless nozzle which has been engineered to keep oxygen from oxidizing the shade and also from leaking. You just shake, dot one to two drops onto the center of your face and blend outwards with whatever your blender of choice is — your own digits, a silicone sponge, a sponge-sponge, or foundation brush — it all works. I find that a little bit indeed does go a long way, so the one-ounce tube should last you a good long while.

While it's a full-coverage formula, it feels quite literally weightless. Formulated with pore-blurring microspheres, it has the finish of a primer almost — not a flat matte, but a more modern and slightly dimensional matte. My favorite thing to do with it is mix it with a teeny drop of face oil to sheer it out and make it even more blend-able, imparting a slightly dewier finish. You can squeeze a drop into your moisturizer too to create a tinted moisturizer with an eggshell kind of finish. The matte and full-coverage label might polarize the foundation-phobic, but with some tips taken from the pros, you can do a lot with this formula.

Milk Makeup Blue Liquid Matte Foundation is $40 and available today, July 24 at,, and

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