Huda Beauty Is Launching a Primer Based on Experiments With Lube, Vagisil, and Milk of Magnesia

Remember Huda Kattan’s primer experiment back in 2016 — you know, the one where she used milk of magnesia, lube, and Vagisil as primers? This week, Huda Beauty announced that those findings were used to create a totally new matte primer, launching later this month, called the Matte Perfection Primer.

Huda Beauty is definitely on a hot streak — this week alone the brand has launched new Demi Matte Cream lipsticks, teased a new eye shadow palette, and announced an elevator makeup challenge with a $5,000 prize. Not to lose momentum, Kattan announced yesterday that her cult-status beauty brand is launching the second primer formula based on the results of her crazy primer experiment.

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While the lube didn’t go over so well (thank god), the Vagisil and milk of magnesia worked so surprisingly well as primers Kattan started keeping both in her makeup bag, she shared on her Instagram story this week. “People just thought I had all kinds of issues,” she laughed. To avoid more embarrassing makeup bag contents, Kattan decided to make her own formulas — the first was the ultra-hydrating Complexion Perfection Primer ($35). But for those who need more oil control, Kattan just announced the birth of the Matte Perfection Primer, which will be available on July 20.

As Kattan explains in her Instagram Stories, the lightweight, oil-free primer contains 60 percent water, is mineral-based, and is formulated with magnesium and potassium to help absorb oil. To note, it actually has a dual use: It can be used as an all-over oil-control primer or as a spot treatment to sop up shine on any areas of your face that have gotten oily by midday. “It keeps me shine-free in any areas I need to be shine-free but also dewy in areas I need to be dewy,” she says. In other words, it’s the perfect mix of matte and dewy—“mewy,” if you will.

With the melty summer weather, expect the mewy new primer to sell out fast. The Matte Perfection Primer will be available July 20 at and select retailers.

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