Blake Lively’s Makeup Artist Reveals How Her Makeup Has Changed Since Her "Gossip Girl" Days

The top makeup artists in Hollywood rarely have just one celebrity client. For example, Kristofer Buckle’s first famous face was that of Glenn Close — for none other than Allure — and that led to working with lots of other stars, from Christina Aguilera to the Kardashians. But while celebrity clients come and go, Buckle has been working with Blake Lively for over a decade, giving him a uniquely up-close perspective on how the actor’s makeup has changed over the years.

In an interview with Refinery29, Buckle, who has his own eponymous makeup line, discusses what makes Lively’s look today subtly but noticeably different than it was in the late 2000s. He recalls how inexperienced but enthusiastic Lively, who turned 31 this weekend (happy birthday, Blake!), was about makeup.

“When Blake was new in the business, she was so excited about the exploration of makeup,” Buckle tells Refinery29. “She wanted all the bells and whistles — lashes, contour, an overdrawn lip — so we look back and laugh at those early Gossip Girl posters, because she looked very done.”

Lively still likes to emphasize her lashes — just not in the same way she used to. “In the past, we’ve done that by piling on lots of black mascara. Now, we want to take the same approach to emphasize her eyes, but we do it by contrasting the lashes with an iridescent shadow, because that’s more modern,” Buckle explains. “We will also use brown mascara as opposed to black. She just prefers a softer lash now.”

In fact, Buckle says Lively prefers her entire look to be a lot softer nowadays, “except, obviously if we’re working on an event like the Met Gala.” It was there that she wore an entire face of drugstore makeup this year, which Buckle says isn’t unusual for her because “she’s not sensitive about what I put on her face. It could be $2 or $100.” So it’s no surprise that she happily wore all L’Oréal Paris products — and looked stunning in them.

His favorite products for her go-to look are from his own line, of course. “To start, I’ll use my Kristofer Buckle Triplicity Foundation Stick in the shade Medium Warm. Then I use my Warming Powder in both shades, Light and Deep, to highlight and define her bone structure. I’ll contour her nose very lightly, then her cheekbones and sides of her forehead,” he says of her complexion-makeup routine, which also includes his Light Enhancing Duo as highlighter down the center of her nose and on her cheekbones. And while he switches up her lip color regularly, one of her favorite pink shades is his Cashmere Slip Lipstick in the Bardot.

“She’s the same girl I met all those years ago,” Buckle says, the only exception being her taste in beauty looks. “She’s just this kind, conscientious person through and through — but her makeup leanings have changed a bit.”

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